SEO Experts with Cash

You read our title correctly - "SEO Experts with Cash" We are  looking for unique products and/or services and/or concepts to sell on the web. IF we like what you have - We will finance all the websites, blogs, social media and SEO SEM expenses in exchange for a share of the profits.

We are 2 guys with "40 years of Business Experience with almost 20 on the net". We can sell, we have happy customers, we can use all the tools and we know how to make profits. We do about 40% of the work  ourselves and we have access to every skill set necessary to do the job.

We live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.   If we can meet you personally - it can help speed up the process - however we will consider products/services/concepts located in the global community.

Inventors - we need to see patents, registered industrial designs or trademarks. Distributers or manufacturers have to have exclusive right contracts for Canada - it is better if it is all of North America.  Email 1 product picture below 500K - maximum 2 page product or service executive summary to: 1001services4seo  (at) gmail  (dot)  com  Please note emails over 1M will be blocked

If you have something good and you need expert seo marketers as your partners - send your email - the worst thing that can happen is that we say no!

If you have something very good - and you do not want to share - and you still need expert seo marketing services - and you can afford to pay for them - we can negotiate - send your email .

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