Some of the SEO tools have no value, some SEO programs do not provide correct values, some SEO software tools are excellent and used to promote a more extensive SEO service available for a fee.

As an educator I use a directory style website to provide information and a real website for students to practice their translation skills, web content writing and article writing.  The website does not pay for PPC ads or links or participate in any linking schemes.  We do not use any automatic or software programs to perform seo functions. It is a nice clean website where we can see and track all the effects of different SEO functions.

I will use the same website for all the tools and show the different - sometimes conflicting information that is obtained. I also will try to isolate what I found to be useful information that is provided by the SEO tools.

The website URL is


The SEO report tool is  Hubspot's grader services

Out of 100 the report scores look like this:
website  72
Link to the grade reports:

The free Hubspot grader is good to see the top down perspective. After using this tool - I know the first priorities.

When you submit your info to Hubspot - you should know that they email you advertisements - every single day.

This SEO report tool is from

The overall website rank is 65%

The link to the website report is:

This report shows the Alexa rank, estimates daily traffic, a text to html ratio, W3C validity, basic metas and headings, total and most popular pages, links from yahoo dmoz twitter wikipedia digg delicious and load times.

This free report provides an excellent series of SEO categories for the webmaster to view the many componants that make up a website and the many factors that influence how a website will perform.

This SEO report tool is from Website Informer

The link to the website report is:

This report shows the whois info: name, registrar, servers, locations,
This report shows site info from: Alexis, Mywot, yahoo, siteadvisor, and compete info
This report info was all old.