Sunday, 14 August 2011

SEO really means Sweat Equity Opportunity

I have to laugh at myself and the many others who fall for the same old lines.

Money for Nothing - Earn Massive passive income - get in on the ground floor - etc etc etc

SEO and SEM are the latest promoted paths to fabulous riches for the great masses of new internet entrepreneurs.

SEO and SEM now seems to include everything including two kitchen sinks. 

Now when I get the spammers promising SEO services the list of tasks to be performed is about 3 pages long.  The SEO spammers promise that their university graduates working in modern facilities will work tirelessly at 2 bucks an hour and propell my site to the very pinnacle of Google, Bing and Yahoo search engine stardom. Sounds like a pretty good deal for 2 bucks an hour.

When I look back at the recent history of promoted paths to internet riches there is/was a lot of failures:
selling internet shopping malls, own your own casino, blog yourself to riches, affiliate farms, article directories, dating sites, global pharmaceuticals, and now SEO/SEM service bureaus.

Whatever the idea there seems to be one or two dominate players - then 5 or 6 profitable sites - maybe up to 20 niche players - then all the rest just seem to invest massive time, money and energy and still just lose their money or make such small returns that it would make more sense to give the money to your local bank (so they can lose it for you).

If you have a good idea for a  new product innovation or product application or invention - you will have to actually work or hire someone to actually work using the both the real world and internet to educate, inform, promote, market and sell your product.

My mantra for SEO is that it really means Sweat Equity Opportunity.

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