Thursday, 2 June 2011

What are you Optimizing For ?

What are you Optimizing For ?

Sounds like a simple question.

I use this question when I am organizing the design and content for each page.

I use lots of simple questions when organizing the SEO process for each page.

Do I want to capture the attention of surfers with a gimick to appear "cool, hip and in the know"

Do I have a message?

Do I have a message that I want them to remember?

Do I have a Logo or Brand Name?

How do I want it remembered and associated with?

Am I putting content on this page or directing traffic to a number of additional sites.

Do I want a call to action on this page? or should it be on the next page? should it be on both or should I have 2 calls for action?

How much content is expected by surfers when searching?

Should I just write original content and/or just comment on other's work and link to the additional resources?

Is there a goal for each page?

Should I  use the site template?

Should I use standard navigation?

Should I create a hierarchy?

Should I link to internal and just mention external references?

What kind of links should I use?

Should I use HTML 4.1 with some CSS or try the new 5 ?

All this before we even decide which search engines we are optimizing for?

More later

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