Sunday, 8 May 2011

Welcome to 1001 services for SEO

This blog will be contraversial.

We believe that most business owners on the internet have either wasted, misused or been defrauded of between 75 and 100% of any and all money spent on SEO services.

Please understand our message.

SEO services are very valuable if done correctly - targeting the correct information to the correct audience - within the correct circumstances.

SEO services paid for  - but not performed is fraud and theft. 

SEO services performed to the wrong audience - who will never buy, read or use is just a complete waste of money, time and resources.

SEO services with gray or black hat characteristics is a misuse of web resources. Most times these will damage the clients websites, any marketing reputation and can result in a complete banning. Imagine paying for your own downfall - we call it "economic suicide".

So welcome to our blog.

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