Thursday, 26 May 2011

SEO Requires Trust and Honesty

Working with web site owners who have already been abused, de-frauded or had their time and money wasted is very difficult.

I hear the same stories over and over again from website owners. "This so-called Web SEO guy promised me a world class website. He promised me thousands of buyers and thousands in passive income profits. The internet will make me rich."

My first question is usually: How much did you Pay?

The first answer usually is:  I paid $1500 or 5,000 and sometimes even more.  Then I had to pay another 200 bucks a month for SEO submissions and another 2000 in PPC ads.

My next question is: tell me your URL

After looking at the code it is always 3 or 4 of the same type problems that prevent the website from working properly or problems that have the website un-ranked, invisible or even banned.

When I first started offering SEO services to website owners I made a mistake.  I did a initial free site analysis to show the website owner that I actually had 10 years experience and could really help them.

Guess what.

Most owners were shocked that their sites were not finished or were improperly copied templates, or the code did not work, no metas, no search engine precence or was just garbage code pasted and had no organization at all.

I told the owners what was wrong.

Did the owners thank me.


Most used the information to go back and beat up the idiots that created the mess in the first place and attemted to get their money back or their site fixed for free.

I no longer do free web site analysis for site owners.

If you want to work with a web seo guy that operates his own web site - performs his own SEO and offers the same service to clients - I may be your guy.

I tell website owners - be honest with me - do you want me to fix their problems or do they just want an accurate report so they can use it with their existing supplier.

SEO Requires Trust and Honesty from both the website owner and SEO service supplier.

More later

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