Thursday, 19 May 2011

Many SEO Publications are FREE  News

This is a FREE  newsletter that is emailed to subscribers. Some examples

Jan. 13, Issue #356 - How to Use Directory Links for Website Promotion By Peter Nisbet (c) 2011
I liked:  Website promotíon is essential if your site is to be successful, and directory links can be used to improve your search engine listing.

Feb. 17, Issue #361 - How Social Media has Changed SEO By Matt Hodgson (c) 2011
‎I liked: Facebook as a social media site uses the "nofollow" tag. For FB SEO Post links to your website in less noticeable areas. Don't hesitate to ask for a link. It doesn't hurt to request, or even beg, for a link.

Feb. 24, Issue #362 - SEO Best Practice How to Promote a New Website By Steve Larkins (c) 2011
I liked: The latest search engine algorithms place significant emphasis on determining the trust and authority of a site by analyzing who links to it. Write compelling original content that is in-depth, topical and relevant.

Mar. 17, Issue #365 - SEO for Mobile Websites By Warner Carter (c) 2011
I liked: Typing on a mobile phone encourages users to choose shorter keywords. These users may search for keywords that are more concise. Experts call it the "rush search".

Mar. 24, Issue #366 - The Truth About Search Engines and Flash By Jill Whalen (c) 2011
I liked: Guess what? Most Flash is Still Highly Invisible in Google

Mar. 31, Issue #367 - SEO 3.0 - The New Rules By Scott M Jason (c) 2011
I liked: Google Goes from Global to Local - With no click - anyone can now really "judge your book by its cover"

May 12, Issue #373 - Common SEO Questions By Nick Stamoulis (c) 2011
I liked: How do I measure SEO success?

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