Monday, 30 May 2011

Advertizing or SEO?

We have been talking to website owners and the amount of SEO mis-information and just simple fraud is quite astounding. Many clients do not know that there is a line between advertising and SEO. One can be considered "black" the opposite of "white" or one can be considered "positive" the opposite of "negative" - just so that you understand there is a difference between the two.

Almost all advertizing costs money. Every type of link exchange costs links. Even "contra" deals cost something. Advertising to bring in visitors to your site costs something. Advertizing is very simple - you pay for it.

SEO is to acquire "free listings and free visitors" to your target site. SEO takes actual work. There is onsite and offsite SEO that requires actual work. Most SEO is very visible. Real honest SEO can be seen and is measurable. When you pay for SEO you should have actual work performed for you. SEO is work that you pay for.

SEO will not help every site.
Some sites sell simple commodities exactly like 50,000 other sites. These sites can be optimized with full bells and whistles and still receive no traffic. You have to be honest with these site owners and tell them that there are 49,999 other sites with longer histories, more links and content and it will take 3 years to move up from page 314 to page 100 in the ranks. These sites really should do basic on-site SEO - no ongoing seo - just a targeted PPC program and specific banner placements.

I have looked at some websites where the owners have been duped by fraud SEO/advertizing companies.

The unfortunute website owner had marginal traffic and hired a "flashy SEO agency" to SEO his site.  The SEO agency talked the website owner into an expensive PPC management program. When one looks at the website - the titles on the pages are not complete - the pages do not have descriptions - pictures unlabelled - and no content. After looking at every page I could see no evidence of any onsite SEO. The pages were just unfinished generic templates.

When you look at the actual traffic to the website - the analytics show that the only traffic is from the PPC advertizing program.  The unfortunate website owner has paid thousands for "SEO and Ongoing Monthly SEO" and actually received zero organic search engine traffic. The only traffic was from the PPC.  This owner was duped into an expensive SEO program and completly defrauded as no onsite or even offsite SEO was performed. The PPC traffic masked the lack of SEO.

Many website and blog owners have been misled by fraudsters claiming to be SEO experts.

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